SoftPI offers its software products that are widely known in more then 25 countries of the world. We specialize in telecommunications (both voice and data), networking and security solutions.


Tariscope family contains two editions:

  • Tariscope Enterprise. Call accounting system for both large corporate phone systems and SMB telephone systems calls analysis;
  • Tariscope Provider. Billing system for fixed telephony and internet service providers.


SoftPI Flow Collector

SoftPI Flow Collector is a Flow collector to gather and analyse information about IP flows using NetFlow (versions 5 and 9), IPFIX, rFlow. Data may be stored in the following storage types:

  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • MySQl;
  • Text file.



SoftPI RADIUS is a RADIUS server, which works under Windows. It is intended for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) according to RFC 2865, 2866, 2868, 2869, 2548, 3748 and 5176. Contains VSA attributes of a large number of vendors. Provides configuration settings and performance analysis in a convenient Windows GUI.


PBX Helper

PBX Helper is a software for simplifying administration of Avaya (Nortel) CS 1000 / Meridian 1 using GUI. IP or serial connection to PBX may be used.



fSonar is a Windows NetFlow v5/9 sensor that may be used to collect information about flows from one or a group of network interfaces and generate a data stream to any NetFlow-enabled collector. Such information may be used to analyze the network traffic, detect attacks, unauthorized traffic etc.



COM2LAN is a Windows software converter of data flow between serial port and IP network. Data transmitted to the IP network can be optionally encrypted.



Rozmovy  is a speech analytics system that provides receiving and converting voice files in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German (telephone conversations) into text, searching for the necessary information in voice files, assessing the level of customer service by operators (agents) using voice (telephone) communication, recording IP telephone conversations, transferring recorded telephone conversations from smartphones with Android from predefined contacts to the system.