The main changes of this version in comparison with prior version 1.0 are listed.

1. Support of NetFlow version 9

1.1. IPv6 and other fields

fSonar 1.5 allows to generate detailed information on network traffic in formats of the NetFlow version 5 or version 9 passing through the selected computer interfaces. Use of the NetFlow version 9 allows the user to receive information on network activity with use of the IP protocol of version 4 (IPv4) and version 6 (IPv6). As you know the IPv4 address space is exhausted, and network administrators who didn't implement IPv6 yet, are on the threshold of need of such implementation.

Is your company ready to implementation of IPv6? How to evaluate network traffic with use of this protocol? For this purpose the fSonar 1.5, which to allow to collect necessary information, can be useful.

Except support of IPv6 the NetFlow version 9 also allows to receive a number of additional parameters about network traffic, which are unavailable when using version 5 of this protocol. For example, you can receive information on MAC addresses and use it for uniquely determination of network devices that can be important, for example, when using DHCP.

In more detail about features of NetFlow versions 5 and 9 you can get in the article "What is NetFlow", which is available on our site.

1.2. Choice of required fields for export

NetFlow version 9 contains a larger set of fields than NetFlow version 5. But not all these fields are available on computers with the Windows operating system. From fields, which are available, the user of fSonar 1.5 can select fields required for him at the moment that will allow to reduce a load of the computer processor for data handling and to reduce costs of network traffic of data transfer of NetFlow of the protocol.

1.3. Use of templates

fSonar 1.5 allows not only to select fields, which are necessary for export, but also to save them in a template which can be used further on the same computer or other computers.

2. Using in IPv6 network

fSo­nar 1.5 can works both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. That means that NetFlow collector can be placed on a computer located in network IPv4 or IPv6.

3. Facilitation of installation

As the previous version of fSonar, the current version requires an existence on the computer of the .Net Framework 3.5. The master of installation of fSonar 1.5 in the presence of connection to the Internet and absence of the .Net Framework 3.5 will automatically load and execute the installation on the computer. In case of installation of fSonar on some computers it will allow significantly to save time. An user of prior version of fSonar should was to load and set independently .Net Framework 3.5.

4. Multilingualism

The program is available in Russian and English.

Trial version

The installation package and user guide are available on our site.

Licensing and prices

Users of the fSonar 1.0 can free update to the new version.

The prices on fSonar 1.5 are the same as on version 1.0.